10th of July 2012

2011 Annual Report "On course for safer shipping"

2011 Annual Report (dynamic version)

This year was one of the most significant and busy years for the Paris MoU in recent times. The start of the year saw the introduction of the New Inspection Regime (NIR) which has transformed and modernised the port state control regime in our region. The introduction of the NIR was the culmination of many years hard work by very many people. All of those who took part in this work, including the various task forces and groups which developed the NIR, are to be complimented on their achievement. Alongside the NIR we also introduced our new information system called “THETIS”. Again I would like to thank all of those involved with this. More details of the implementation of the NIR and “THETIS” are contained in this annual report together with the updated statistical tables which reflect the implementation of the NIR...