Appeal procedure

National appeal

When deficiencies are found which render the ship unfit to proceed or that poses an unreasonable risk to the environment, the ship will be detained. The PSCO will issue a notice of detention to the master.
The PSCO will inform the master that the ship’s owner/operator has the right of appeal.

Appeal notice details can be found on the reverse side of the notice of the detention form and are various in the Paris member States.

Detention review procedure

In case an owner or operator declines to use the official National appeal procedure but still wishes to complain about a detention decision, such a complaint should be sent to the flag State or the Recognized Organization, which issued the statutory Certificates on behalf of the flag State.

The flag State or R.O. may then ask the port State to reconsider its decision to detain the ship.

If the flag State or the R.O. disagrees with the outcome of the investigation as mentioned above, a request for review may be sent to the Paris MOU Secretariat.