Back to overview 11TH OF OCTOBER 2016

ARFETISALLE Caught in the Net

M/V ARFETISALLE flying the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO flag, with IMO: 8509038 called at the port of Kalamata (Greece) on the 26th of January 2016 for bunkering and berthed early the next day on 27th January. The ship, according to the THETIS database and the Paris MoU procedures, was eligible for an initial (IN) or more detailed (MD) inspection and was indicated as Priority I (PI). The inspection team consisted of two PSCO’s who visited the vessel on the 27th of January 2016. Before the embarkation the PSCO’s proceed the appropriate check of the external condition of the hull, the draft marks and the other basic/unique characteristics of the vessel such as her name, port of registry and IMO number. As the external condition of the vessel was at acceptable standards the PSCO’s couldn’t imagine what the situation, they finally faced during the inspection, on board of the ship was. A first impression already arose when the PSCO’s were not asked to identify themselves during the embarkation by the responsible crew member at the gangway. As a result, the first deficiency was noted. In general, during the more detailed inspection fifty-nine (59) deficiencies were found. Twenty-six (26) of them were considered as a clear ground for detention.