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M/V "DISCOVER” - IMO 9209087 refused access to the Paris MoU region

The above named vessel was detained in port of Dordrecht (The Netherlands) on 27 June 2019. This is the third detention in the Paris MoU region within the last 24 months. The ship flies the flag of Moldova which is black on the current Paris MoU WGB list.

Therefore under the provisions of Section 3.10,5 of the Paris MOU, Article 7b ofEU Council Directive 95/21/IC as amended by EU Council Directive 200 1/106/IC and the provisions of Article 9a of the Netherlands Port State Control Act, Official Collection, 1997, no. 557, as amended by the Official publication of the Staatscourant’, November 5th 2003, number 214, the ship will be refused further access to any port in the Paris MOU region, except a port of the ship’s flag State. This refusal of access will become applicable immediately the ship is authorised to leave this port.

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of Section 3.12.3 of the Paris MOU and Article 11.6 ofEU Council Directive 95/21/EC as amended by EU Council Directive 2001/106/IC which allows access to a specific port in the event of force majeure or overriding safety considerations, or to reduce or minimise the risk of pollution, provided that adequate measures to the satisfaction of the competent authority of such State have been implemented by the company or the master of the ship to ensure safe entry.