6th of February 2018

M/V MISTRAL - IMO No. 9045651 - Caught in the Net

On 20 July 2017 early afternoon the M/V MISTRAL assumed to be in a NUC (not under command) status in the Dover Straits. She was drifting whilst she effected repairs. M/V MISTRAL was ordered to drop anchor by British Authorities to prevent the vessel from drifting into the traffic lanes.

On 21 July 2017 in the morning the vessel was still anchored in the Dover Straits. She was ordered to take a tug boat towing her to a place of safety and a message was created in Thetis by British Authorities. The owner decided to continue under towage to the next port of call, the discharging port Hamburg. M/V MISTRAL arrived under towage at Hamburg on 25 July 2017. A PSC inspection for the Standard Risk Profile ship was carried out on the same day.

Statutory certificates issued by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai and Turk Lloyd were presented and all were found valid until August 2019. The ISM system had been audited by Turk Lloyd and a valid DOC and SMC were available.

The inspection revealed 24 deficiencies of which 14 were considered ground for detention and 23 deficiencies were found to be ISM related. The general condition of the vessel was found poor with big structural damages. Additionally, the main engine was found still not working and repairing was continued during inspection and detention. Some of the deficiencies found on board:

  • Historically grown cable installations, damaged fire resistant walls or divisions
  • Fire doors damaged or missing
  • Fire insulation on A60 boundaries damaged
  • Fire insulation on exhaust pipes damaged
  • Funnel rusted and ruptured
  • Rust holes on funnel platform
  • Rust on engine room ceiling; raining into engine room
  • All outside weather doors not closing tightly
  • Most windows not closing tightly

During the ongoing inspection the vessel was detained at 15:00 PM. The inspection continued until 16:00 PM and after writing the inspection report it was handed over and explained to the captain at 17:30 PM. 

Because of the obviously sub-standard condition of the vessel – several detainable deficiencies in various areas - and the amount of detainable deficiencies in various areas the inspection was suspended and flag and RO were informed.

After doing a partly repair the owner decided to tow the M/V MISTRAL as a dead vessel back to Turkey. Re-inspection took place on 28 August 2017, after the external ISM audit had been carried out. Several deficiencies were found fixed and other items were set to Code 46 – 'To be rectified at agreed repair port'. The flag state agreed to a single voyage in tow to a Turkish Ship Yard, so the vessel was released from detention on 28 August 2017.

From September until November M/V MISTRAL stayed in a shipyard. She got underway again at the beginning of December 2017.

Please see below the full CitN Report for pictures of the inspection of the M/V MISTRAL

M/V MISTRAL - IMO No. 9045651 - Caught in the Net (Video presentation)

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