15th of November 2016


MV "HUANGHAI DEVELOPER" with IMO number 9458444 flying the Hong Kong flag, arrived at Hamburg - Germany on 9th of August 2016 for cargo operation. No survey or repair work was planned for the port call. In the morning of 10th August 2016 two PSCOs boarded the PI/TW vessel to carry out an INITIAL INSPECTION as requested by the Paris MOU inspection regime. During the approach to the vessel the first impression was not that bad. The paint of the hull seemed to be in an acceptable condition and no damage of the hull could be observed. At this time both PSCOs had no idea that they would spend all day on board the vessel to perform an inspection and fight against language barriers with the Chinese crew. The first deficiency was already recorded when the PSCOs stepped on the gangway. After recording the first four deficiencies the PSCOs changed the type of inspection from INITIAL to MORE DETAILED. When addressing any of the deficiencies to the crew nobody could explain when or why the specific deficiency occurred. The MV HUANGHAI DEVELOPER is not the worst ship the PSCOs had ever seen. But, she shows what happens to a just 3 years old vessel if the complete ISM system collapses caused by a total lack of maintenance and motivation. At the end of the day 24 deficiencies were recorded. 11 of them with ground for detention. The vessel was arrested for 3 days before she was allowed to continue her voyage. Read the full Caught in the Net report for more details.