1st of September 2014

M/V Kamil Caught in the Net

M/V KAMIL, managed by Seahorse Denizcilik Ve Muhendislik Ticaret Ltd. of Istanbul (Turkey), arrived in Palermo (Italy) in the evening of 29th of January 2014 for loading grain. An unexpected factor for cargo problems was issued and the ship became Priority II. A port State control team boarded the ship in the early morning of 3rd of February. A complaint about the poor hygienic condition on board was received by the ITF on the same day. A more detailed inspection was carried out. The poor situation on board (equipment, living conditions, fire safety, outstanding not rectified deficiencies etc.) confirmed the team its first impression and after a few hours it was clear that the ship was in a substandard condition. In total 81 remarks were found of which 18 of them were ground for detention.

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